Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21 Update

For the past couple weeks we've been busy with our regular schedule of preaching in the village churches.  Because Brother Nasuf's car is no longer running, I am taking him to his villages.  Brother Alish and his family continue to go to our regular meetings in my absence.  

My brother and family are getting settled into the Bulgarian schedule here.  This week they'll be making a trip to the Bulgarian embassy in Greece to get their temporary visas.  After that, they'll be able to apply for a one year residence visa in Bulgaria.  It's been over five years since we did that, but it seems like just yesterday.  We now have our long-term residence visas.  

This week we are mourning the loss of a dear friend and fellow missionary, Judy Padgett.  Sister Judy served in Mexico for years, even after the loss of her husband.  She was a true inspiration to us while back when we were preparing to come to the field, and she has been faithful to pray for us and this ministry here.  We will miss her on this earth, but she is now "with Christ, which is far better."  Please remember her family in your prayers.   

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1 Update

We've enjoyed another week of preaching the word in the village churches.  Last week and this week I am with Brother Nasuf, as he is without a vehicle.  The people in his churches are all so happy.   One of the happiest is a woman who is paralyzed.  She can't get out of bed, but she has a continual smile on her face.

In a few days we will be joined by my brother and his family.  They're coming to Bulgaria on the eleventh of this month to live and work in the ministry here.  Please remember them in your prayers.

This week the Lord protected us on the roads.  Even in snow storms we try to get out and get the work done.  Both Pastor Alish and myself came close to sliding off the road, but the Lord protected us.  I normally drive about five hundred miles a week, as do many of the national pastors.  It's the good grace of God that keeps us safe.  We appreciate your prayers.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre