Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21 Update

It's turned cold here.  As we drove back home yesterday from Romania the fog had frozen like frosty crystals on every twig of every tree and every blade of grass.  Our thermometer read -5 this morning (Celsius).

Last week it was my privilege to show the work in Romania to a group of saints from New Manna Baptist Church, Marion, NC.  Although we spent passed out gospel tracts and they sang as a choir in downtown Constanta, the main focus of their visit was to see the children we feed in the Turkish villages.  Thanks be to God, there are many children that receive a hot meal every day through our churches.  These children were tickled to see new people that loved them.  (They also loved the candy they brought.)  I am sure that the Lord used these poor believers, rich in faith, to actually be a greater blessing to the Americans.  As their hearts were broken for these people praising God in great poverty, my own heart was revived.  Our Turkish believers here were thrilled to see how many brothers and sisters they have in Christ.  As we worshipped the Lord in different languages, His spirit knit our hearts together in love.  The week ended with one of the girls here in the children's home getting saved!   Later we received word that a man dying of cancer whom we had prayed for got saved!  Along with our Turkish brethren here, we were truly saddened to see our new friends and Christian family leave, but we look forward to meeting again one day in that land where shades of love lie deep.  

I would like to thank you all for your prayers for my older brother.  He is still in great pain.  His recovery will be long and difficult, but he reports small improvements every day.  

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre