Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28 Update

Last week about every day here had temperatures close to sixty degrees.  This week the forecast has highs just above freezing.  

Friday and Saturday we had good meetings.  The Christmas holiday has no special meaning to Muslims.  We try not to preach the holiday, but preach Christ.  Saturday night there were only about ten of us in the meeting, but we sang for about an hour.  

Yesterday and today I've been busy at the immigration police office doing the visa paperwork.  Praise the Lord, we got the visas paid for.  Now we are waiting for the final stamp in the passports.  Thank you for all of your prayers and financial help.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 21 Update

This week we had a snow storm that closed the roads to our regular meetings on Thursday, but Friday we made it out with no problems.  On Fridays we go to the new village.  The owner of the house came to the meeting and told us we would have to find a new house to meet in.  Several people have offered the use of their house as a place for the prayer meetings.  Even on days when we don't have church they still get together and sing the hymns and pray.  They only know a few hymns, so they just make up melodies for the hymns they don't know.  There's been a young man come each week there.  At the first meeting he only stayed in the house for five minutes.  At the next meeting he stayed a little longer, but still only stood in the doorway.  This week he came in the room and sat down for most of the meeting.  It looks like the Lord is drawing him in. 

Last year we had prayed for a girl, Kiymet.  She had had brain surgery, and was not expected to survive, but eventually made a full recovery.  While she was in the village she was the most faithful church member.  (She knew that if it weren't for the Lord's mercy she wouldn't be alive.)  Now she is back living with her husband, who had separated from her when it looked like she would not live.  God has put her life back together again.  Not long after that we learned of another young lady in the same village that had had brain surgery.  She's been in and out of the hospital for the past several months.  Her mother and grandmother are both strong believers.  They've seen God raise her up from what seemed to be her death bed several times.  Now, the girl is not doing well.  She's at home, and the family is trying to raise money for her very expensive medicine.  We had special prayer for her, and ask that you all would pray, as well.  Her mother sat before us and cried and cried telling about the situation.  Only the Lord can help.

We thank you all so much for praying for our visa situation.  It's really too early to know exactly, but it looks like all the money that we needed has come in.  Praise the Lord.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 14 Update

Winter has set in here.  We've had snow most every day of last week.  So far, though, there's not been enough to affect the driving conditions, so we've not missed any meetings.  

We've stayed busy this week going to the regular churches, proof-reading the Old Testament in Turkish, and making hymn books.  

Praise the Lord, we've had more money come in for our visas, but we still need a little more.  

The birds without barn or storehouse are fed, 
From them let us learn to trust for our bread: 
His saints, what is fitting, shall ne'er be denied, 
So long as it's written, the Lord will provide

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 6 Update

This week we had a special blessing.  Two of the men from our mission board's church, Brookside Baptist, came to Bulgaria for a visit.  They stayed with us for a night.  Now they're visiting other missionaries, but said they'd come back and see us again.  Enjoying fellowship with old friends is refreshing.

Our new meeting is going well.  The believers there have met with their first opposition.  The woman in whose house we meet does not own the house, she only rents it.  Someone in the village went and told the manger of the property that she turned the house into a church, and he came and told us we couldn't meet there anymore.  The little crowd, almost in unison, told me how mean the man was.  I told them not to be angry at him, but just to pray.  This week we went back and talked to the man, but after our week of prayer he spoke very kindly to us.  It turns out that the owner of the house has been in Spain, but he's returning soon.  So, we'll be able to meet with the owner to see if he will allow us to continue to meet in the house.   

Last week I mentioned our need to pay for the permanent residency visas.  It looks like more than half of the money has come in or has been promised.  We still need two thousand dollars, but I'm sure the Lord will take care of it.  

We appreciate all of your prayers and your help.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 29 Update

The good news this week is that our visas are ready.  The bad news is that we don't have the money to pay for them.  We lack about four thousand dollars.  Please pray that the Lord would supply this need speedily.

This week I am sending a copy of the report written by our senior missionary Ralph Cheatwood.  We have been working with him for over fifteen years.  The lessons we have learned from him are invaluable.  May the Lord grant us many more years together.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

November 1, 2010




Our Calling


Sandy and I were saved at Calvary Baptist Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, now First Baptist Church of Coconut Creek, in May of 1971.  Nine months later, at a missions conference, we surrendered to be missionaries.  When we surrendered I knew in my heart we would be working with the Turks, but did not know at that time how to announce my calling.


We thank God for Calvary Baptist Church, which was there for us when we needed to get right with God.  We are still with them.  They have faithfully supported us and helped meet our needs all these years.  We count it a privilege to be sent out by them and to be a part of their ministry.


We want to also thank Central Missionary Clearinghouse for faithfully and diligently handling our funds for all these years.  We have been with them since 1974.


We entered Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, in the fall of 1972, and completed the four-year course in three years, graduating in 1975.  By this time our calling to the Turks was evident.  Immediately after graduation we went to Iran for three months. A missionary living and working there had invited us to come work with him.  We had planned to work among the Azeri Turks in Iran.  Iran was open to missionaries at that time, but Turkey was not.  Before returning to the States for deputation we spent a short time in Turkey.  During this time we were impressed of the Lord not to return to Iran, but to go directly into Turkey.


The Early Years


The work among the Turks in Turkey and Germany

1976 - 1990


We returned to Turkey in the summer of 1976, and settled in Istanbul to study the language.  After three years of language study and a short furlough, we moved to Germany, because of the situation in Turkey – inability to obtain visas and the presence of martial law.  There are several million Turks living in Germany and other western European countries.  For the next 12 years we worked among the Turks both in Turkey and Germany, traveling extensively in Turkey as carpet dealers.  During these early years we had only three converts among the Turks.  Although these years were frustrating, it was a time of preparation, and the Lord never let us leave our calling.  One thing we can say we have done:  We have stayed!


The Awakening Among The Millet Turks


The work in Bulgaria and Romania

Since 1991


Bulgaria opened up to us in 1991.  We had returned to Istanbul in the spring of 1990, had requested and received a yearly visa, and had intended to continue our work there.  Bro. Fred Potter, pastor of Brookside Baptist Church, Bristol, Tennessee, called in March of 1991.  He asked if we would consider going into Russia, that maybe the Lord had a work for us there.  The wall had fallen and Russia and eastern Europe had opened up. We had become very close to Bro. Fred and it was evident later that the Lord had put us together for this work.


We got as far as Bulgaria. The Lord stopped us there.  Shortly thereafter we moved from Istanbul to Varna.  Bro. Potter immediately began to send other missionary families, through Charity Baptist Mission, to help in the work.  He called us almost every day for the next fifteen years, asking us how the work was going and what we needed.  Thus, this work among the Millet Turks was birthed.  Bro. Fred Potter and Brookside Baptist Church took the burden upon themselves to see that the prayers and funds we needed were supplied.  They have diligently prayed for and supported this work from the beginning.  Bro. Fred has now gone on to heaven and we certainly miss him.  The new pastor, Bro. Mike Nixon, along with the church and Charity Baptist Mission, is still 100% behind the work.


The first year we preached to the Bulgarians through an interpreter, mostly on the street, but also in a building we had rented.  A local church was established.  During our second year in Bulgaria we began going to the Turks.  These Millet Turks were very open to the Gospel and within the next two years we were able to establish 21 house churches among them.  During this time we evangelized over 100 villages, with lots of street preaching in the summer and house meetings in the winter.  Hundreds were saved and baptized and six national pastors were called.  After three years we were no longer able to obtain visas and had to leave Bulgaria.  We were impressed of the Lord to go to Constanza, Romania.


Our move to Romania was definitely of the Lord.  We found the same Millet Turks there and several meetings were immediately established.  We were able to obtain visas through the Baptist Union for the first couple of years and are now registered there as Charity East Association.  We continued to go back and forth between Romania and Bulgaria for the next ten years.  Hundreds more were saved and baptized and 60 more churches established.  Five national pastors were called from among the new believers in Romania.


We were able to move back into Bulgaria in 2005, obtaining yearly visas and permission to preach the Gospel and establish churches.  We registered in Sofia under the name of New Testament Baptist Church and now have the right to preach and establish churches throughout Bulgaria.  Four other of our missionaries have registered their own churches in Sofia. The work continues to grow and we now have 105 local churches in Romania and Bulgaria.  Most of these are Turkish house churches.  In the summer of 2010 we received permanent visas for Bulgaria.  What a blessing!


Feeding Centers


In 1996, the Lord put it on my heart to start feeding children.  Thus, feeding centers were established.  Bro. Fred Potter, pastor of Brookside Baptist Church, Bristol, Tennessee, began immediately to raise funds through Charity Baptist Mission for us to start these feeding centers.  We started feeding children through the local churches we had established.  We would bring the children into a house of one of the believers who had volunteered to cook for them, sing hymns, pray with them and then feed them a hot meal.  This has turned out to be a real blessing and many new families have been brought to the Lord through feeding the children.  We currently have 28 homes in Romania and Bulgaria where we feed children daily.  We also have a daily bread ministry in Romania where we distribute bread to poor families.  Each year in Bulgaria, flour and cooking oil is distributed to about 1500 families.  Fifty kilograms of flour and five liters of cooking oil are given to each family.  This helps them to get through the winter.


The feeding of the children, daily bread ministry, distribution of the flour and oil, and support for the national pastors is mostly funded by Charity Baptist Mission, Bristol, Tennessee.  We thank all the churches and individuals who so generously give.  We could not do it without you.  All the believers also thank you.


Casa Julia


One Sunday morning in 2001 during our English-speaking meeting in Constanza, Romania, while we were praying, it came into my heart to start a home for children.  Thus, Casa Julia was established.  We immediately rented a house and started receiving children.  We raise them as our own.  We have had our own facilities since 2003.  We lovingly call the home The Father's House.  There are currently 11 children with us.  Most of these children came to us as newborn babies.


The Translation Of  The Turkish And Bulgarian Bibles


The Turkish Bible

1980 - 2010


When we first went to Turkey and after we had studied the language for three years, we realized the available Bible in Turkish was a revised version –  not after the King James of 1611.  In 1979 I was impressed to start preparing to do a translation according to the Authorized Version.  In the summer of 1975 we had made a trip into Iran at the invitation of a missionary living and working there.  At that time, he gave me an Azeri Turkish Bible.  Azeri is the language of Azerbaijan.  Since it was written in the Arabic script, I was not able to read it at that time.  But now, since deciding to do a new translation in Turkish, I was anxious to see if this Azeri Bible agreed with my King James Version.  I immediately taught myself the Arabic alphabet and began to read.  First, I checked 1 John 5:7.  It was there.  Then, I checked several other verses that are missing in the revised and other modern versions.  They were all there.  I was excited.  The next two years I worked from this Azeri Turkish Bible teaching myself the language, and trying to put the Gospel of John into modern Turkish.  At that time we were living in Germany trying to work with the Turks there.


One day while laboring with this Azeri Bible, the Lord told me to go to Istanbul – that He had a Bible for me.  It had not occurred to me until then that there must be older Turkish Bibles.  I immediately left for Istanbul.  I went to the Bible society and spoke with the young man working there.  I explained to him that I was looking for an old Turkish Bible that was in use before the 1940 revised version was published.  He told me the old Bibles were no longer in print, and not available at all; also that the old Bibles were in the Arabic (Ottoman Turkish) script and very few people could even read them.  The Turkish alphabet was changed from Arabic to the modern Turkish alphabet, which is a Latin-based alphabet, in 1922 or shortly thereafter.  I told him I was really interested in finding one of these old Bibles, was going on into central Turkey, but would be back in two to three weeks.


After three weeks I returned and asked him again about an old Bible.  He replied:  "The day after you left, a man from eastern Turkey brought me an old Bible he wants to sell.  But in my opinion it is too old and no one understands it.  Besides, he wants too much money for it.  But if you like, I can bring it tomorrow, and you can look at it".  The next day I was there bright and early.  He gave me the Bible.  I began to look at it in amazement.  The front page was missing, but the rest was intact.  The date in the front was 1827.  The Lord had provided me with the old Bible I needed.  I paid him what the man had asked, thirty dollars, and went on my way back to Germany – rejoicing all the way.  Later, I found another Ottoman Turkish Bible published in 1885.  These three Bibles – the Ottoman Turkish of 1827, the Ottoman Turkish of 1885, and the Azeri Turkish of 1891– along with the English of 1611 and the original tongues have been the foundation for the new translation.


Shortly after starting the work on the translation, I prayed and asked the Lord where He would have me do this work.   I had read that the church in Philadelphia had kept His word, so I asked if I should go to the old city of Philadelphia in Turkey, which is now called Alashehir.  The Lord told me to base the work at Brookside Baptist Church in Bristol, Tennessee, because they had also kept His word.  So, when I was at the church in Bristol, I told Bro. Potter what the Lord wanted me to do.  Thus, Brookside Bible Society was established.  For the next five years I worked on the new translation there at Brookside Baptist Church, Bristol, Tennessee.  While there we made several trips into Turkey.  We began using the New Testament of the new Turkish translation in 1998, the Old Testament in 2010. 


The Bulgarian Bible

1994 - 2010


Shortly after moving from Istanbul to Varna, we met a young Bulgarian man who was in his last year of high school and had recently been saved.  His name is Mitko Stevanov.  He began working with us and, being fluent in English, became our interpreter for preaching to the Bulgarians.  A couple of years later I asked him if he would start working on the translation of the Bulgarian Bible.  There was no trustworthy Bible in Bulgarian.  He began work immediately, and now, sixteen years later, has finished the translation of the Bible in Bulgarian.


This young man, now married, with two children, has been a blessing and a great help to all of the missionaries, and especially to the work.  While translating the Bible, he has also learned Turkish, pastored five Turkish churches, done evangelistic work, and helped start several new churches, not to mention helping all of the missionaries with the bureaucracy in Bulgaria.


The Turkish Hymn Book

1991 - 2010


About a year after we arrived in Varna, we met a couple of Turkish believers.  We began going to the villages, preaching the Gospel, with no one hindering.  We saw there was an awakening among the Millet Turks and the Lord had begun giving hymns to the new believers in their own language.  Until the fall of the communist government the Turkish language had been forbidden in Bulgaria.  But now the Turks could speak Turkish openly.  Since we went to them speaking their language, the Turks received us and believed the Gospel.  They thought I was a Turk.  They love the singing and preaching in their own native tongue.  Our message to those who would like to work among the Turks is to love them and learn their language. 


For the next several years we gathered all the new hymns and made a Turkish hymn book.  They still prefer these local hymns over the ones from Turkey or those translated from English.  Although they do love the translated Amazing Grace, and Glory to His name, among others.  These hymns have been a great evangelistic tool, since most of the older Millet Turks can`t read or write.  They all have the Gospel message in song.


New hymns are still being given, but not as many as in the early years.  We now have over 200 from the Varna region of Bulgaria, plus others from Turkey and Germany, and some translated from English.  The hymn book is now basically complete.  Many have been saved by listening to these Turkish hymns.  Many have been drawn into the church as they passed by and heard these hymns being sung.  They really have the power of God on them and have been a great blessing to everyone.




Our method is preaching.  Our message is the Gospel of the grace of God.  Our desire is to get them saved, baptized and established in local churches.  We preach on the street, in homes, and especially in the churches we have established.  The believers sing and testify, and we the missionaries and national pastors do the preaching.


One of our best evangelistic tools has been the distribution of DVDs of our church services. We have given them out by the thousands.  They are in great demand; everyone wants them.  The believers send them, along with hymnbooks and New Testaments, to their relatives all over Bulgaria, Romania, the rest of Europe and some into Turkey.  The New Testament in Turkish and Bulgarian is in great demand.  We give out all we can make.  We assemble them by hand.


Just like the early church our believers sing hymns and testify everywhere they go.  Now most of our new churches are started by invitation.  Many have invited us to their villages and especially into their homes to start a church, after they have been in one of our established church services.


Camp Meeting


We have camp meeting three times a year at our facilities in Constanza, Romania.  All the missionary families meet together for five days (Wednesday through Sunday) of singing, praying, testifying and preaching.  It is a wonderful time for us to all get together.  We have morning and evening services in English, with a lot of fellowshipping in between.  We thank the Lord for these wonderful facilities He has provided.  We give Him all the glory for this great work of which He has allowed us to be a part.



To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Hath Done


Now we are at the end of 2010.  We are getting older.  I will be 72 this December, but have no intentions of retiring.  We pray the Lord will grant us several more years in the work, which is strong and continues to grow.  Currently we have nine missionary families and 15 national pastors working together as a team taking care of 105 local churches, 28 feeding centers, one children's home, evangelization and starting new churches, making and distributing hymn books, New Testaments and DVDs. 


Most of our churches are Turkish house churches, but we do have seven self-standing buildings.  We have one main church building in Bulgaria, where several times a year we bring in the believers, sometimes even from Romania, for a one-day meeting in Turkish.  The meeting starts in the afternoon and goes on until the early hours of the morning.  The believers are really helped and strengthened by these meetings.  We also have services in Romanian, Bulgarian and one in English at our facilities in Romania for the missionaries and children.  Often one of our missionary families from Bulgaria will go up to Romania for our Sunday morning English service.  Most of our services are in Turkish, so it is a welcome break to be in an English service.


We thank every church and each individual who prays for and supports us in this work.  The believers also thank you for sending us, so they could hear the Gospel and be saved.  They often mention you in their testimonies and thank the Lord that you have sent us to them.


Truly, the Lord has done a work among the Turks in our day which is hard for us to believe.  Thousands have been saved and over 100 churches have been established to date.  We are looking for even greater things in the years to come.  We give Him all the glory for all He has done!



In His Service


The Cheatwoods


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23 Update

November 23 Update

This week I helped Brother Alish in his churches, and Brother Ismail in his churches.  Fellow missionary Larry Leach had been back in the states for his mother's funeral.  Brother Leach is back in Bulgaria now, and will again go with Brother Ismail.  Those churches are older and more established in the faith, so they are a joy to preach to.  They were glad to see me and made me promise to come back and preach to them more often. Sunday I preached four times.  By the last meeting I was very tired, but could have preached for two hours, the crowd was so attentive.  

Below is my brother's most recent prayer letter.  He is planning to come to Bulgaria with his family to work in the ministry here.  Right now they are on deputation, but plan to come here next Spring.  

From Bulgaria,

Zachary LeFevre

Our praying friends and family in the Lord, 



This is the season of Thanksgiving, and as children of God, we have much to be thankful for.  We are thankful for our homes, our families, the country we live in, and our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  We are thankful as well, for all the Lord's material provisions he blesses us with daily.  First and foremost, however, we are thankful that Jesus Christ has "made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light". Colossians 1:12  What a priviledge to know that our names are written in Heaven; that simple faith in the word forever "settled in heaven", settled our soul's destination, and set us among princes!  "By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name." Hebrews 13:15


Preaching.  Recently I returned from a three week preaching trip.  The Lord opened the doors for me to present the work at Truth Baptist, in West Salem, OH; to preach a revival for one of our supporting churches, Faith Baptist Temple of North Ridgeville, OH; and to present the work and preach at Beacon Baptist in Lorain, OH.  Besides making new friends and fellowshipping with old ones, it was good to 'break the bread of life' and feast on God's word.  One night of the revival I preached about Joseph.  I recalled how the newly exalted Joseph had been set over the storehouses, to meet, not only the needs of the world, but especially the needs of his brethren.  How good it is to know, that our 'Heavenly Joseph' has opened the storehouses to us, and stands ready to meet our needs! 


Believing.  It is good to rest secure in the knowledge that our God is able, and that there is nothing too hard for him.  It is another matter entirely to know that the God 'who is able', will; therein is comfort.  As a matter of personal confession, so many times I pray, recongnizing God's ability, but walk away empty-handed and disheartened, never having believed he would.  So it is with many of us, praying over our own needs; but that's the blessing and the necessity of the church; that though we struggle for oursleves, we're strong for others, and others for us.  And so I thank God for you all, for not only praying for our needs, but that your faith has secured those needs.  Please continue to pray for more open doors and opportunities to present the work.  Please continue helping us believe for what we lack.  I know the Lord will provide, and so I offer my thanks to God in advance for meeting all our needs.


"But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."  1 Corinthians 15:57



May the Lord bless you all.  You are in our prayers.



Because of a living Saviour,

 The William LeFevre Family


PS – Please remember Hannah in your prayers.  It is less than a month now until her due date.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 16 Update

Wednesday on the way to the regular meetings I got a phone call from a woman in our church.  There was a woman from a nearby village that had come to her house to ask the believers come to her village to start a church.  Even though it would be late, I told her we'd be there that evening.  After the regular meetings we went, and she was so happy to see us that she cried.  She had been saved some years before, but just recently moved to that village where there was no church.  She had missed church so much that she road the school bus to our village to see if we would come.  (She had to walk back home).  That night there were about five of the neighbors that came and listened as we sang, and then preached about the prodigal son.  They all said they wanted to be believers.  We agreed to come back Friday afternoon.  

Friday there were about ten people gathered.  They all said they wanted to be believers; that's why they came.  I preached from Romans chapter ten about how a man can be saved.  Before I could finish there was one woman that interrupted me three times saying, "Tell us, how can I be saved".  She thought she couldn't be saved because she couldn't read or write, and didn't know any prayers.  After I preached the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, I told her just to call on the Lord.  "That much I CAN do!", she said.  We had prayer, and each adult prayed with a loud voice, asking God to save them.  Pray for this little group.  Lord willing, we'll go back every Friday.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

November 9 Update

This week Brother Larry Leach traveled back to the states.  His mother passed away just a few days ago.  Remember the family in prayers.  

While he is away, we're short-handed again.  Brother Ismail is currently taking a taxi to his nearby village churches.  Sunday I saw Brother Nasuf.  His family and church are well.  The village churches in his area are full.  But, his vehicle is now more of a financial liability than anything else.  Please pray that the Lord would supply the need for this preacher to travel to the villages and preach the gospel.  

Saturday we had a special meeting in one of our village churches.  Brother Shayim has had a church meeting in his house for ten years.  Now he is a grandfather.  For the baby's dedication service they prepared a meal to feed one hundred people.  Believers from several villages came.  It was a time of great joy.

We thank each of you that prays for us, and ask that you would continue, and especially for our visas.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 31 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Today Isaac graduated from kindergarten. I believe there were three children in the village that graduated with him. Katy and Polly finished the year at the music school with a concert.

Brother Alish made it to his regular meetings on Saturday and Sunday, but he's still a little sore from the operation.

This week we've had people from two different villages ask us to come start churches. I'm not sure when we'll be able to get to them, though.

Brother Ismail's churches were full this week. It's a joy to preach to them. One woman testified about her daughter having a heart problem. The family doctor had been monitoring it for some time, and finally sent them to a specialist in Shumen. Upon reviewing the test results the specialist proclaimed the child's heart perfectly healthy. Later, the family doctor, looked at the results and astonished, said, "Well, Praise God"

Sometime ago we prayed for a girl named Kiymet who had had a tumor removed from her brain. The Lord graciously answered our prayers and has given her over seven months of good health. Now in the same village there is another girl with a similar problem, a tumor on her head. I don't know all the details, but the doctors had tried treating it a couple of different ways unsuccessfully and finally told her mother, "We've done all we can do. You need to pray". So they brought her to our church Saturday and prayed.

When you pray, remember these needs, and also our visas.

From Bulgaria,
Zachary LeFevre