Monday, December 2, 2013

Bulgaria Update

Bulgaria Update


November 29, 2013

We've had another good week here in Bulgaria.  Here in our village church we meet three nights a week, and there's always good testimonies of answered prayers and opportunities to witness.  One girl started church this week.  During her first day, on the lunch break, she took our her hymn book and sang a hymn to a room full of women.  In five minutes the hard hearts were softened and she earned the respect of the unbelievers.  Now, we're praying that the Lord will use her to bring those others to Christ.


Tonight there was a lady that testified about her children getting saved this week.  She was the first one in her family to be saved, and one by one, her three daughters and their husbands have been saved and baptized, and two of the grand children, in one year's time. 


We were able to make another trip into Turkey.  The Lord directed us to one soul that was thrilled to receive a New Testament.  The weather has turned cold, and we got six inches of snow here.  Lord willing, next year we'll be going back into Turkey.  Here in Bulgaria we're busy printing New Testaments for each of our church members, and Verity is sewing Bible covers for them.  It is a constant joy to be able to preach the word to those who love to hear it.


Pray for us.  From Bulgaria, Zachary LeFevre

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